About My Artworks

In my paintings informal aspects, cosmic snapshots and clearly identifiable landscapes melt into an inseparable unity.

Informality is all about giving free rein to colour. For me, this means leaving the will for form behind and relying first and foremost on the visionary power of colour.

I reach depth through several overlays of paint.

My paintings are about the processing of intense impressions and visions, of feelings and sensations.

The colours and forms do not tell about our visible world, but of a world that remains hidden to the eyes, but can be discovered by attentively looking.

The colours and shapes are not chosen by chance. Every colour tone and every hue has a meaning that results in a complex web of relationships, a whole cosmos.

Colours can be harmonious or inharmonious. Shapes can appear in rows or isolated.

Lines can be sweeping, chaotic, tender or aggressive. Colours can get dirty next to each other or make each other shine.

ResinArt 2020

ResinArt is a painting technique using epoxy resin. It is characterized by high color and luminance.

Coming Exhibitions

Single Exhibition at Facharztzentrum

Ärzte am Neckar

from January 2021

Frauen Kunst Kultur

The exhibition is postponed to 2021

Galerie FormStein

Kirchwaldstr. 4

68350 Mannheim

FKK stellt aus:

12. Juni bis 11. Juli 2021

Ort: Kulturhaus Forum Fränkischer Hof
Heinsheimer Str. 16
74906 Bad Rappenauf

Frauen Kunst Kultur

6. August 2020
Vernissage 6. August
Galerie FormStein

Kirchwaldstr. 4

68350 Mannheim

Since 2017 Gaby Brüggemann has been a member of the artist group „Frauen-Kunst-Kultur“ (FKK), founded in 1999.

The range of artistic expression of this group is diverse and includes painting in various techniques, collage, sculpture, sculpture, digital art, object art, photography and poetry.

The group organizes regular exhibitions, e.g. in Heppenheim, Schriesheim, Heidelberg, and others.

The Mannheimer Morgen writes:

„Artist masters perfect sound of colours

… On closer inspection, the picture radiates an infinite harmony – a dissolving, apparent contradiction, which in its overall composition invites the viewer to linger and let the soul dangle…“.

(from an article about the opening of the exhibition in Schluckspecht’s Kulturbetriebe 2005)

“Everything that can be imagined is real”

 Pablo Picasso